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HCJB/HCTB Tour: watch their progress via the Blog

(July 19, 2016)

The Tour Blog is up.

Here is the link or you can click on the tab on the front page:

The best way of following it is to click on the RSS feed and set that up to alert you to new posts.

Please remember that BlogEd has a day job and be patient about updates every night.  That means that if you post a comment on the Blog in the morning, it might not be approved and published until the evening.  Photos take a while to upload, format and publish but it is usually worth the wait!

The more you can all contribute to the Blog with commentary and by sending photos then the more interesting it is.  Silly games on the bus always provide good material before the photos starting coming through so do have a go at coming up with the top 10 most interesting local features you spot on the journey or similar.  If you want ideas, check back through all the previous Blogs.

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