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Do you buy stuff online? Or use the supermarket?

(April 18, 2016)

If you use the internet for any shopping, whether for groceries, books or washing machine spare parts or perhaps train/airline tickets, then you can very easily persuade those retailers to give us a donation each time you shop.  You could either do this by registering with EasyFundraising and selecting us as your nominated charity or you could nominate us for one of the supermarket token collecting schemes.

If you live near a Waitrose or Tesco please nominate us for one of their collection token donation schemes.  Pick up a form in store next time you shop and fill it in.  Text you might use is:

Hampshire County Youth Band Association

The HCYB Association is a charitable organisation which supports the Hampshire County Youth Bands in the further musical education of the 160 band members (varies each year), both financially and practically. Money raised goes towards purchase of equipment, music, function room hire, coach and van hire, instrument purchase and repair, tutors and fees, tours and clothing. HCYBA also assists in set up/down for rehearsal and concerts, transportation of equipment and accompanying members on tour.

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