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EasyFundraising raises ££s for HCYBA via online shopping

(September 13, 2015)

Weekly supermarket delivery?  Holiday?  Music downloads?  Presents?  Spare parts?  Sheet music?  Many of us buy these things online now.  And if you register with EasyFundraising, every time you shop online, the vendors give us a percentage as a donation.  The more of you who sign up, the more we raise every time we shop online.  Thank you to everyone who shops via EasyFundraising; below is the amount we have raised so far.

At 16th October 2015:

Screen Shot 2015-10-16 at 16.51.39

If you plan to shop online, whether it is for your weekly groceries, a new tap, a washing machine replacement part, a holiday, a sales bargain or a special gift......please remember to go via the EasyFundraising toolbar and gain extra funds for HCYBA.  It costs you nothing, but we receive donations from the retailers.  At present it is raising approximately £10 per week for HCYBA.  Thank you!  Click on the link below if you'd like to see more details of recently raised funds.

Click here to see some other really easy ways to raise funds for HCYBA via EasyFundraising.

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