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Instrument insurance

(October 17, 2012)

If you have a County Band instrument in your possession, please note that the annual contribution towards the insurance premium of £20.00 is now due.  Cheques should be made payable to the Hampshire County Youth Band.

Whenever a claim is made on your instrument through neglect you are liable for the £50 excess per claim.  Neglect is where the instrument is damaged or stolen when left unattended, where access is available by other people; when left in an unlocked car or left on public transport; neglect from any unauthorised alterations, repairs, or any neglect through cleaning.

Please maintain the instrument in a clean and healthy condition both externally and internally.  A regular flush through with clean water and attention to the cleanliness of the mouthpiece and mouthpipe is essential, as is regular lubrication of the tuning slides and valves.  Spot inspections may occur.  Do not undergo any repairs without permission from JMcK.

Please note that all HCYB instruments are allocated with a mouthpiece.  It is expected that when the instrument is returned it will be complete with mouthpiece.  Should the mouthpiece be missing, a charge would be made for it's replacement.

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