Messages from Hampshire County Youth Bands Association

17th March 2019

Easter Extravaganza

Dear Parents and Band Members,

Our Easter Extravaganza is fast approaching on Sunday, 31st March 2019.

This year our theme is "Time". Don't forget the clocks go forward an hour that day! Bring your picnic table and chairs, plus your picnic, but please check that the table and chair feet are not the sort which will damage the sports hall floor.

Cake and Pudding auction

As in previous years we are raising money for the bands with a cake and pudding silent auction. Please donate a cake or pudding for this. You can make, bake, assemble or buy one to bring along. Please remember to label any plates or containers you want back. As we listen to the three bands everyone will have the opportunity to register their bids on the bid sheets for the puddings/cakes they would like. Bids will be in multiples of 50p. e.g if someone bids £2 for a pud or cake the next person's bid needs to be a minimum of £2.50.

At various times during the Extravaganza a section of the pudding/cake lots will close and the last bidder for each one will have been successful and will need to come over to collect their pud/cake and to pay for it. Please bring cash or cheques as we will not accept cards or I.O.U.s. You can then devour the cake/pud as part of your picnic, or save it to take home. Don't forget to bring crockery and cutlery if you are going to eat your cake/pud there. Please return any plate or container the pud/cake was on the following week at rehearsal.

You can allow your children to bid, but you are responsible for paying for the pud/cake if they are the successful bidder. Please do not let them bid if they or you have no intention of paying.

Bring your pud/cake donations on the day and not to the Saturday rehearsal the day before.

"Time" theme puds and cakes

If you wish to create a pud/cake that fits with our theme, "Time" then we will be awarding a prize for the best one before we auction them all off.

Table decorations competition

We will be awarding prizes for the best picnic table decorations for our theme of "Time". Think clocks, memorable occasions, the seasons, back in time, the future... (How about Jacob Rees Mogg's 1930s Sunday high tea with Nanny?)

Quiz with prizes

There will be a "Time" themed quiz which you can work on as a table with prizes for the best scores.

Create and Make Competitions

During the Extravaganza there will be two timed make and create competitions on the theme of "Time" in which you and your group can participate. We will try and supply a few basic things but please feel free to bring your own materials to enhance your creations. The exact briefs for the two makes will be revealed on the day but the hints I can give you are "A Time Keeper" and "Time Travel".


We will also have a raffle for which you will be able to buy tickets at £1 a strip during the Easter Extravaganza. (There is no need for prize donations towards this).

Retiring Collection

As there is no charge for entry we will be taking up a retiring collection at the end. Please bring some extra cash to put in the baskets which will be placed by the exits.

Many Thanks

Cathi McKenzie

HCYBA secretary

5th December 2018

Summer concert DVD

Dear Parents,

Due to a small glitch in our DVD we have had a new batch of copies made. If you bought a copy/ copies last weekend please return it/them this Saturday (8th December) and we will replace them with our new version.

The DVDs are £12 each and make great Christmas presents.

Many Thanks

Cathi McKenzie

HCYBA secretary

29th November 2018

Volunteering, DVDs and concert tickets

Dear Parents and Band Members,

Christmas Eve loading and unloading at Perins

HCYB at the Buttercross on Christmas Eve is a major event in the calendar. We can only do it with your support. We have a parent who will be our volunteer van driver to transport all the equipment there and back.

We still do not have loaders at Perins or unloaders back at Perins afterwards though! So, if we want this event to take place we need some parents to come and help. It is Christmas Eve and so it is busy for all of us, with places to go and people to see etc. The van has a tail lift so there is not much heavy lifting and if we have a proper team it can be done quickly. Perins is only 10 minutes up the road from Winchester. Please email me or see me on Saturday to volunteer.

Ticket Reminder

Christmas concert tickets will be on sale again. £7 and £5. Cheques made payable to HCYB please.


We should have the DVD of the summer concert on sale on Saturday priced £12 each. Great present for family members and friends, and a super keepsake. All three bands are featured and as this concert is the culmination of the year's work they are all sounding at their best. Please make cheques payable to HCYBA. (You cannot pay for concert tickets and DVDs with the same cheque).

Hamper Making for the raffle

Please bring any donations for the hampers in first thing on Saturday and please stay and help us make the Christmas raffle hampers.

If you have boxes, wrapping paper, bubble wrap, tissue paper, cellophane etc they will be most gratefully received.

Many Thanks

Cathi McKenzie

Secretary for HCYBA

21st November 2018

Christmas preparations

Dear Parents and Band Members,

Christmas concert tickets

Tickets for our Christmas concert on Sunday 16th December will be on sale this coming Saturday (24th Nov) at Perins, Alresford.Thank you in advance for your patience with the ticket buying process as the queue does get quite long. If you have attended a concert at St Swithuns before please have an idea/options of where you would like to sit ready so the process can be kept moving.

Tickets are priced at £7 for adults and £5 for children, students and state pensioners. Please pay by cash or cheque - made payable to HCYB. You can send your band member with the money if you are part of a lift share and it is not your turn or you can get the driver to get them for you.

Please remember we do not reserve tickets ahead of payment and we do not buy back any tickets you later decide are surplus to your requirements.

Raffle hamper donations

Thank you to those of you who have already sent in your donation for our fundraiser. Please check on the list below so you know what each family of instruments has been asked to bring. Please bring your donation this Saturday.

Percussion - Crisps and savoury snacks, nuts, cheese biscuits.

Tubas - Jars of preserves - savoury and sweet, jams, chutneys and pickles

Trombones - Sweets and chocolates

Euphoniums and baritones - Candles, serviettes, table decorations, crackers

Tenor horns and flugels - Cakes, mince pies, Christmas puds

2nd and 3rd cornets - Biscuits and shortbread

Solo cornets, Reps and Sopranos - Drinks - soft or alcoholic

We shall be making the hampers on Saturdays, 1st and 8th December in the Refreshment block. You do not need to be particularly artistic to do this so please come along and help. There will be people there who will show you what to do. It is a great way to get to know other parents.

Band photographs

Band photographs have arrived and will be given out to band members on Saturday (24th).


I do not have the DVDs of the summer concert yet but will let you know when they are available for sale.

Unloading vans at Perins

We really need some more volunteers to unload the vans back at Perins after our performances.

1. I particularly need some parents to help unload the van back at Perins after the Chairman's concert on Thursday, 13th December. I have none at the moment.

2. I also need three more at Perins for after the Christmas concert on Sunday 16th December.

3. Finally, I also need some people to help unload at Perins on Christmas Eve.

I am aware that two of those performances are the County Band only, but if your band member is in Junior or Training band and you are local and can help we would be very grateful.

Many Thanks

Cathi McKenzie

HCYBA secretary

14th November 2018

Christmas hampers and concert tickets and DVDs

Dear Parents and Band members,

Christmas concert - 16th December

Tickets for the Christmas concert will go on sale on Saturday, 24th November in the Refreshment block. Seats are numbered and the balcony seats plus the raked back of the stalls sell out very quickly. Prices have been kept low again this year and are still £7 for adults and £5 for children. You can pay by cheque made payable to HCYB or with cash. We do not reserve tickets ahead of payment and we do not buy back any sold tickets you subsequently decide you no longer require.

Summer Concert DVD

DVDs of the Summer 2018 End of Year concert will soon be ready to buy at £12 each making a fantastic Christmas present for grandparents, godparents etc or for you to keep. We hope to have them ready to sell on 24th November. I will confirm nearer the time. Please pay by cheque (this time payable to HCYBA) or cash. It is superb DVD and a huge thank you to Kris Mitra for arranging for this professional high quality recording.

Christmas hampers

Please bring in an item for our Christmas raffle hampers. This term we are asking different instrument "families" to bring in different components so we get a balanced selection for our hampers.

Percussion - Crisps and savoury snacks

Tubas - Jars of preserves, jams, chutneys and pickles

Trombones - Sweets and chocolates

Euphoniums and baritones - Candles, serviettes, table decorations, crackers

Tenor horns and flugels - Cakes, mince pies, Christmas puds

2nd and 3rd cornets - Biscuits and shortbread

Solo cornets, Reps and Sopranos - Drinks - soft or alcoholic

You can bring your donation in from this Saturday and we shall be making the hampers on Saturday 1st December and Saturday 8th December so please come and help.

Many Thanks

Cathi McKenzie

HCYBA secretary

25th August 2016

Re: Hampshire County Youth Bands Association 2016-17

Dear Parents and Band Members,

Welcome to you all from the Hampshire County Youth Band Association Committee, whether you are returning for another year or you are new to the County Bands.

All parents of Band members are automatically members of the Band Association. Attached are your Association forms which need to be completed and returned to your conductor at rehearsal on either 10th or 17th September.

The Association’s aim is to support the bands practically and financially.

Parents help support the bands through taking a turn at one of the many tasks available. Our aim is that everyone does a little so no one has to do a lot. On the attached form there is a revised list of jobs which need to be done each year. Please indicate on the form which ones you would prefer to do.

Hampshire Music Service pays the County Bands' staff salaries and the rehearsal venue hire. The termly payments which parents make to the Music Service go towards these costs. All other costs have to be covered by the Association. Without the Association's financial support the County Bands would not be able to function as successfully as they do. The Association covers the cost of such things as the instrument specific tutors at our Fairthorne residential course, hiring concert venues,as well as purchasing and maintaining equipment including music, stands and instruments.

To help cover these costs we ask that each family makes a yearly donation of £50. This can be paid in cash, cheque or, for the first time this year, by bank transfer. If you are paying your donation by bank transfer please use VC and your band member’s name as a reference. If you are also buying uniform please use VCU and your band member’s name.

Details for bank transfer are

Account name: Hampshire County Youth Bands Association

Sort code: 40-52-40

Account number: 00018033

Reference: VC Band Member’s name

or VCU Band Member’s name

If you wish to spread the payments you can use three cheques dated September 2016, January 2017 and April 2017.

Please click this link and complete the attached forms including the Gift Aid declaration which will mean we can make your contribution go further.

Band uniform needs to be ordered if your band member is changing bands or they are a new member. Please indicate on your form if you need a shirt and enclose payment. Shirts are given out at Fairthorne by our adult team. You do not need to indicate shirt size as your band member will have the opportunity to try on different sizes at Fairthorne. We have a very small number of second hand shirts for Training band and Junior band available which will be on sale at the first rehearsal on 10th September at a reduced price. All proceeds will go towards band funds.

If you have any questions about the Association please email the Committee at [email protected]  or ask someone to point you in our direction at rehearsal.

Many Thanks

Cathi McKenzie

Association Secretary