Messages from Jock McKenzie

12th March 2019

HCYB & HCTB Trombone Day - update

Dear Parents and band members

Now that Friday’s deadline has passed (8 March) I can now confirm details concerning our participation at the HMS ‘Trombone Day’:

HCTB only - the band WILL be performing at this event on Sunday 28 April in the Ferneham Hall, Fareham, Hants. In lieu of this HCTB will not be rehearsing on the previous day (Saturday 27 April). Thank you to band members and parents for making this change of date possible. Please assume that the schedule for this event will remain close to that of the original (postponed) date in February. If there are any necessary small changes I will let you know ASAP.

HCYB only - the band will NOT be performing at this event; there are simply too many members who cannot make this change of date. However, HCYB will therefore rehearse as normal on the previous day (Saturday 27 April) at Perins School, New Alresford.

Please can I ask that you all amend your calendar / diary as appropriate.

Many Thanks

Jock McKenzie

5th March 2019

HCYBs message - Perins carpark

Dear Parents and band members

This Saturday, 9 March is Alresford Spring Gala. LEVEL 2 of Perins carpark has been hired solely for the use of the Watercress Line, there will be stewards present directing their customers to these spaces. The other levels and pay and display areas will still be of use but may become very full. Please allow plenty of time to park or if you can park at the Council Offices across the road.

Many thanks

Jock McKenzie

1st March 2019

HCYBs Easter Extravaganza

Easter Extravaganza – Sunday 31 March, Sports Hall, Perins School

Dear Parents and band members

This annual event is a major activity in both the calendars of the bands and also HCYBA. You will no doubt receive more information from HCYBA in due course, but from an ‘admin’ perspective this event runs exactly as previously published:

2pm – 4.15pm concert featuring a rolling programme of performances from the three bands. Audience members (all welcome – no admission charge) are encouraged to bring picnic chairs, tables and a picnic style meal/drinks. There is no requirement for band members to wear uniform. There will be numerous activities/competitions run by HCYBA committee members. This is always a popular and fun event to round off the Spring term for the HCYBs.

Please support!

Many thanks

Jock McKenzie

1st March 2019

Rescheduled HCYB & HCTB Trombone event

Dear Parents and Band Members

You will recall that a major HMS event involving both HCYB and HCTB had to be cancelled due to bad weather (2 February). A lot of work has taken place to determine a rescheduled date; hence a date of Sunday 28 April 2019 has been proposed as the only possible date when all ‘parties’ are in theory available. If this new plan proceeds the details would be:

Sunday 28 April 2019 – HMS Trombone Event featuring HCYB/HCTB/Bones Apart

Venue: Ferneham Hall, Fareham (please note change of venue)

2.30 – HCYB and HCTB arrive

3.00 – Rehearsals with both HCYB and HCTB (massed finale)

3.45 – HCTB rehearsal then tea break

4.30 – HCYB rehearsal then tea break (6pm)

7.00 – Public Concert

*Please can I politely urge you all to consider these details and inform Emma Davis ([email protected]) should you not be available, no later than Friday 8 March. If we have not heard from you by then it will be assumed that you are committed to this important HCYB and HCTB event.

VERY IMPORTANT for your consideration -

I am very aware of the positive commitment our members and parents give to the HCYBs. Since the proposed rescheduled date of 28 April is not that long before the academic exam session kicks in, I would be happy to cancel HCYB and HCTB rehearsal on the previous day (Saturday 27 April) so as not to overburden students at this crucial time of year. If, depending on your response Sunday 28 April goes ahead for the HCYB and HCTB, Saturday 27 April rehearsal will definitely be cancelled. I will confirm as soon as your responses are in.

Many thanks

Jock McKenzie

14th January 2019

Trombone Event - 2 February 2019

Dear Parents and Band members

Happy New Year!

You of course already have a published concert date of 2 February 2019 for the bands, but please can I now provide you with more details.

This event is being run by HMS for the ‘wider community’ but at the heart features performances from both HCYB and HCTB plus the world renown “Bones Apart”. This event also provides additional, specialist activities for all trombone players across Hampshire.

From a HCYB and HCTB perspective, please note the following timetable for the day:

2 February


1.30pm – Van + HCYB and HCTB percussionists to arrive

Set up (followed by trombone only activities)

2.30pm – HCYB + HCTB members arrive and rehearse massed ‘finale’ items

3.45pm – HCTB rehearse self standing items

4.30pm – HCYB rehearse self standing items

5.30pm – Tea break (bring packed tea)

7.00pm – Concert

For all HCYB and HCTB trombone players please also take a look at the HMS info (click here) that has been sent to you – there are additional ‘trombone only’ activities taking place from 12 noon.

Audience admission charge (£6 / £4) playable on the door.

Many thanks

Jock McKenzie

Director Hampshire County Youth Bands

Hampshire Music Service 

19th January 2018

HCJB - notification of absences

Dear parents and band member

Just a quick email to remind band members that if they are unable to attend a rehearsal, please email Emma Davis ([email protected]) by 4pm on the Friday beforehand.

If you need to let us know of an absence after this time please call or text either Matt or Jo on the numbers below;

Matt Watling; 07796 912499

Jo Johnson; 07966 021057

Many thanks

Jock McKenzie

9th January 2018

Royal Albert Hall

Dear Parents and band members

As you will know, the RAH Box Office is now selling tickets for this event. All logistical preparations for this date are being organised by a team of staff at Hampshire Music Service. No doubt information will be published by them for you in due course, but in the meantime I will share with you that which I know.

* All HCYB & HCTB members will travel to and from RAH on coaches booked by HMS. Performers are able to return home with family or on the coach as you prefer. HMS will publish coach times and pick up / drop off points in due course. A post concert ‘collection point’ for parents wishing to take their children home will be established and published by HMS in due course.

* The day itself (morning / afternoon) will be a rolling programme of seating / logistical rehearsals.

* With well over a thousand HMS performers, a very large fleet of coaches will be departing Hampshire from various locations and times throughout the morning of April 23rd. From what I understand, it is likely that HCTB and HCYB will travel on coaches ‘bespoke’ to them in time for a RAH rehearsal time of 17.30 (concert begins 19.30).

* HCYB and HCTB members who are also playing in other HMS ensembles at the RAH please note: you will need to travel on HMS coaches provided for your other ensembles if (as is very likely) they are rehearsing earlier in the day than HCYB/HCTB. You will be advised of details for this by HMS or your relevant ensemble.

* HMS are this week contacting schools and colleges re permission for student absence on April 23rd

A bit of musical information....

HCYB and HCTB will perform as one massed band. Like all HMS ensembles at RAH we have been allocated a time limited performance slot. Jon Cranston and myself have carefully considered what repertoire would best suite this occasion. With over 100 brass players and 9 percussionists, there is no point playing something quiet and reflective! Also, I want all 9 percussionists to be fully integrated into the massed band performance and not merely ‘sharing a triangle part’. Hence the combined bands will perform “When Thunder Calls” (Paul Lovatt Cooper) and “Alloy” (Chris Wilcox). Paul Lovatt Cooper writes generously for percussion (he is, after all a percussionist as well as his many other musical talents). Chris Wilcox, a much admired young brass composer is rescoring “Alloy” to include additional percussion parts for our RAH performance.

I will share more RAH info with you as I receive it from HMS.

Best Wishes

Jock McKenzie

2nd October 2017

HCYBs rehearsals

A polite request on behalf of HCYB, HCTB & HCJB

Dear Parents

As we seek to build confidence and enhance experience across the three HCYBs, can I please ask that parents / friends leave the bands free to rehearse without an 'audience'. Please can I ask that parents / friends do not sit in to listen to the bands rehearsing, both in the room / hall itself or indeed the doorways etc. I am keen that all three bands are able rehearse in a comfortable environment; free from distraction and perceived intimidation.

Many thanks for your co-operation on this matter.

Jock McKenzie

29th September 2017


Dear Parents and band members

The photographs that were taken at Fairthorne residential last weekend will be given out at band rehearsal tomorrow (Saturday 30 September).

The last collection day for returned photo’s will be Saturday 14 October at band rehearsal , after this date please return to Emma Davis at the Rookwood Centre or send directly to:

Cardwell & Simons

The School Photography Specialists

15-17 Church Street


Southampton SO15 5LG

Many thanks

Jock McKenzie

17th July 2017


Dear parents and band members

Firstly, many congratulations and thank you to all performers for some great playing yesterday. Thank you too to the many parents and friends who supported our end of year concert. I would like to add a very special thank you to the HCYB leavers for my wonderful gifts - they really are appreciated.

Best Wishes to you all

Jock McKenzie


HCYBs Message

23rd June 2017

Dear Parents and band members

After a number of years of distinguished service, Jane Brydon will be retiring from her post of Conductor of the Hampshire County Junior Band at the end of this current term. Jane’s final concert with HCJB will be at St Swithun’s School, Winchester on Sunday 16 July 2017. We will acknowledge Jane’s retirement on this occasion. Details for raising funds for a presentation to Jane will be circulated by HCYBA soon.

I am delighted to announce that from September 2017 HCJB will be co-conducted by Jo Johnson and Matthew Watling, who will both work with the band on a weekly basis.

Many thanks

Jock McKenzie


13th June 2017

HCYBs Instrumental Insurance

Dear Parents

The HCYBs along with support from HCYBA strive to make instruments available for all members that need them. This comes at considerable expense for both purchase and maintenance. Also, because our instruments are continuously ‘in transit’ for rehearsals, concerts, tours, schools, college and community use etc we have to additionally ensure that each instrument has wide ranging insurance cover.

If you are in possession of a brass instrument allocated to you specifically from HCYBs stock, please can I ask you for £15 payment towards insurance cost. This requested sum of £15 provides cover for the whole of the academic year 2016-2017 including school / college holidays. I have delayed asking for payment until now in an attempt to spread costs for you (tour payments, Fairthorne Manor residential course 2016 etc).

Please could you email Emma Davis ([email protected]) confirming that you wish to pay the £15 contribution and an online payment request will be sent to you via email.

Please note if you have your own instrument or your instrument is provided by someone other that HCYBs please do not respond to this email.

Many Thanks

Jock McKenzie

10th March 2017

HCJB - Additional Date

HCJB Dear Parents

Please can I ask you to add another HCJB performance date to your diary / calendar. The details are as follows:

Saturday 17 June 2017

HCJB performance at the Waterlooville Festival Performance times: 12 noon - 12.40 and 13.00 - 13.30

Arrival time 11.30 Venue - St George's Church PO7 7EH

This is a well-run and popular festival. Please note that admission for daytime concerts (inc. HCJB performance) is free.

There will of course be no rehearsal on this date.

Many Thanks

Jock McKenzie

1st March 2017


Dear Parents and HCYB members

I can now confirm the following rehearsal details at the Anvil on 19 March 2017:

HCYB are scheduled to rehearse at 14.30 - 15.15 prior to the concert starting at 16.00.

Please can all HCYB members ensure that they are onsite (report to stage door) no later than 13.45. Both the signing-in procedure and HCYB set-up will be complex and tight on time, and we will be reliant on all members helping to ensure this phase of the day runs smoothly and to time - thank you in anticipation....

The concert itself features HCYB, HCYO plus choirs. HCYB will perform in the first half of the concert. Our programme will comprise:

1. RENEWAL (Laura Jurd) - this opening 'fanfare' has been commissioned by the Anvil Trust specifically to be premiered by HCYB at this event

2. PICCADILLY (Stephan Hodel) - A large scale work recently added to HCYB repertoire

3. RESURRECTION - Our first appropriate opportunity to dedicate a performance of a suitable piece to the memory and legacy of John Knight (Founder of HCYB) who passed away recently.

The second half of the concert will feature a performance by HCYO plus massed choirs of Carl Orff's Carmina Burana

I have heard today that tickets are selling very well for this concert, please can I again remind you that these are on sale at the Anvil Box office- 01256 844244 or [email protected] - don't leave it too late!

Many Thanks

Jock McKenzie

19th January 2017

Sad News

Jon Knight, founder of HCYB died last night (18th January). More information will be shared as it becomes known.

A lovely man.

Jock McKenzie

21st November 2016

HCTB / HCJB absence notification

Dear Parents and band members

The success of the HCYBs and the quality of what we can offer to our members is dependent on the full commitment of all parties. Of course, there will be occasions when member absence is unavoidable, and I would like to thank those of you who give us notification of this. I appreciate that in instances of illness notification of absence may be very last minute. However, in instances of 'known' absence please can I ask that you alert us of this at the earliest possible opportunity. All HCYBs activities are thoroughly planned in advance by our staff for the good of the bands and band members. It is counterproductive for all concerned if these plans have to be abandoned due to a lack of absence notification.

Please can I ask that 'known' absences are logged with Emma Davis at HMS ([email protected]) at the earliest date possible - please state the reason for absence. For last minute notification of absence please contact Jon Cranston or Jane Brydon direct to their mobile phone number as previously published:

Jon Cranston 07730 507818

Jane Brydon 07789 542007

Please can I remind you that our expectation is that all band members will commit fully to all HCYBs activities (other than unavoidable absence such as educational visits, illness etc).

Many Thanks

Jock McKenzie

18th November 2016

New Date for the Calendar

Dear Parents and band members

Please can I ask you to add another date to your band calendars.

Sunday 7 May 2017

As part of an initiative to provide and encourage jazz music activities, HMS are making funds available for related projects.

On this date HCYB and HCTB will host an all day project - morning workshop (optional) afternoon rehearsal & evening concert. The concert will feature sets from both HCYB and HCTB plus a dectet made up of HMS staff and "Watling & Friends" (who perform annually at our Fairthorne Manor residential course).

We will be joined for the day by Steve Waterman (international jazz trumpet artist) and Ben Watling (multi instrumentalist and electronics).

The event will take place at St Swithuns School, Winchester.

This event is 'paired' with an optional improvisation workshop with Steve Waterman to be held on an earlier date accessible to all HCYBs members (including HCJB) - details of this opportunity will be published in due course.

Many Thanks

Jock McKenzie

21st October 2016

HCYBs Christmas Season

Dear Parents and band members

It will not be long until the bands embrace the Christmas season with numerous performances. This is a fantastic and important time of year for the bands. Other than the musical benefits, we get a lot of exposure before large and influential audiences all of which serve to maintain and expand our profile.

Before I itemise each band event, please can I explain some slight differences to HCYBs' Christmas schedule for this year. For those of you that have been involved with the bands for several years now, you may already have spotted some changes. A key element to our season has always been a series of outdoor concerts at the Winchester Buttercross. From this year, Winchester City Council have changed their licencing procedure; granting ensembles a maximum of two Saturday performance licences only. This year Christmas Eve falls on a Saturday and so the HCYBs have a total of two performances rather than the four of previous years (three Saturdays plus Christmas Eve). This naturally impacts on which of our bands play and on what date.

Another factor that influences our Christmas season is the fact that we are currently in the HCC Chairman's "Year Of Music". Councillor Keith Chapman (HCC Chairman) is a great supporter of the HCYBs; indeed, his "Year Of Music" was launched at an HCYBs event.

Keith has requested a HCYB performance at a unique Christmas event on December 22nd (see below).

Please can I ask that you make a note of all relevant information as listed below.

Thursday 8 December 2016 (HCYB only)

HCC Chairman’s Carol Concert

Great Hall, Winchester

4.15pm HCYB arrive / set up

4.45pm seating rehearsal

5.30pm - 6.30pm Concert

*Please bring instrument, uniform and music

*A packed tea is provided for band members

*This is not a public concert - it is a specific event for HCC employees

*For HCYB lift providers, the city centre is adjacent and late night Christmas shopping is in action!

*For any HCYB members who need to return to school / college for other performances, this event guarantees that you can leave at 6.30pm prompt. Annually this event runs to time, and, if need be HCYB members can leave before the end of the concert in order to get back to school / college.

*This event is of great importance to our HCYB profile - we are playing for / to those that fund us!

Sunday December 11 2016 (All three bands)

Christmas Concert, 4pm, St Swithuns School, Winchester.

Tickets available via HCYBA on Saturday mornings.


12.30 Vans, HCYB & HCTB percussionists arrive

1.15pm HCYB rehearsal

2.00pm HCTB rehearsal

2.45pm HCJB rehearsal

3.30 doors

4.00pm Concert start

6.15pm Concert finish

*Please bring instrument, music, uniform & packed meal

Saturday 17 December 2016

Please note - HCYB normal rehearsal at Perins)

HCTB & HCJB - outdoor performance at the Buttercross, Winchester Precinct


10.30am Van & HCJB arrive / set up

11.00am-12.00 noon HCJB perform


11.45am arrive (latest)

12.00 noon - 1.00pm HCTB perform

*Please wear band uniform, but add jumpers, coats, hat, scarfs etc.

*There is no indoor alternative. HCYBs staff (Jane Brydon, Jon Cranston & myself) will leave a recorded message on our phones with a weather update if necessary, but please assume no recorded news is good news!

Thursday 22 December 2016 (HCYB only)

HCC Chairman's Christmas Concert, Romsey Abbey 7.00pm

5.30pm Van & HCYB members arrive / set up

6.00pm rehearsal

6.30pm doors

7.00pm Concert start

8.20pm Concert finish

*This is a public concert in a great venue. All family & friends welcome.

*No tickets / no door charge - retiring collection.

*the programme (of which HCYB will provide the majority of items) will be entirely of Christmas & seasonal music.

* No interval - the concert will run straight through.

*HCYB - please bring instrument, music and uniform.

Saturday 24 December 2016 (Christmas Eve) - HCYB only

11.00am - 1.00pm

Carols and Christmas music revelry at the Buttercross, Winchester Precinct.

*10.30am Van and members arrive please.

* If the weather is bad, please ring my mobile (07801 292554) - I will leave a voice message if there are any enforced changes. This is a fantastic occasion with a great & enthusiastic audience and lots of ex members return to join in with us. The weather has never beaten us yet....!

Many Thanks

Jock McKenzie

14th September 2016

HCYB calendar change

Dear Parents and band members

Please note there has been a change of date for the HCC Chairman’s Carols at the Great Hall, Winchester from Thursday 15 December to Thursday 8 December at 4.30pm.

I have attached an updated calendar.

Many thanks

Jock McKenzie

Friday 9th September


Dear Parents and band members

I hope you have all had a great holiday and I’m looking forward to seeing you all back in action tomorrow. You will of course know of band placements and the policy on which these are based. Very occasionally I have to make a ‘tweak’ due to unforeseen circumstances. During the latter stages of the summer holiday two HCYB cornet players informed me that they were unable to return to HCYB membership (Sept 2016) due to work placement / work experience scenarios. To maintain a balance of HCYB instrumentation I have therefor promoted two additional cornet players from HCTB. In turn, to address HCTB balance of instrumentation I have promoted two more cornet players from HCJB. In all cases these additional promotions have been based on player merit and agreed between the HCYBs staff adult team.

Consequently there will be some small changes to the published provisional HCYB lower cornet seating order (upward movement only)! The HCTB seating order will be finalised over the next three weeks; as is the norm.

Kind Regards

Jock McKenzie

Monday 5th September 2016

From Jock

It is sad to report the passing of Gladys Knight, loving wife of John Knight - founder of HCYB.

Gladys died peacefully at Aldbourne Nursing Home, Marlborough surrounded by family members.

Our thoughts are with John at this time.

Subject: Next Year

19 July 2016

Dear Parents and band members

Just a reminder that the first rehearsal back is Saturday 10 September 2016.

Information regarding Fairthorne and a provisional calendar will be sent during the summer holiday, however just to confirm the dates for Fairthorne are:

Friday 23 September (pm) – Sunday 25 September.

Many Thanks

Jock McKenzie


Subject: Instrumental Insurance

Date: 13 May 2016 13:30:46 BST

Dear Parents and band members

The HCYBs along with support from HCYBA strive to make instruments available for all members that need them. This comes at considerable expense for both purchase and maintenance. Also because our instruments are continuously ‘in transit’ for rehearsals, concerts, tours, schools, college and community use etc we have to additionally ensure that each instrument has wide ranging insurance cover.

If you are in possession of a brass instrument allocated to you specifically from HCYBs stock, please can I ask you for £15 payment towards insurance cost. This requested sum of £15 provides cover for the whole of the academic year 2015-2016 including school / college holidays. I have delayed asking for payment until now in an attempt to spread costs for you (tour payments, Fairthorne Manor residential course 2015 etc).

Please could you email Emma Davis ([email protected]) confirming that you wish to pay the £15 contribution and an online payment request will be sent to you via email.

Please note if you have your own instrument or your instrument is provided by someone other that HCYBs please do not respond to this email.

Many Thanks

Jock McKenzie