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Jock sums up!

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Last concert done! Yet another great event & crowd. All very emotional tonight - the last performance of the 50th Anniverary HCYB & the 'last ever' performance of 17 much loved & respected members.
My thanks to the whole HCYB staff and adult team - this tour has been an absolute thrill & privilege.

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  1. Heather

    I was proud to be part of the team as the the band members were a pleasure to be with, a very memorable tour, I hope Jake's shoulders recover

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  2. Kate Stapleford

    What an amazing experience, musically,socially and culturally for all the students. Thank you to all the team not forgetting Emma at HMS for all the hard work in making the tour happen and for the huge success it's been. The blog has been great too.

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  3. Jill Larner

    I've really enjoyed following the blog. Thanks to everyone for being such brilliant ambassadors for Hampshire Music Service. Enjoy the rest of the holidays.

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  4. sue baker - menage

    Thank you to all concerned for what appears to have been a fantastic tour. Congratulations to all band members for making us parents very proud.

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  5. sue long

    The blog has been wonderful to follow. What an incredible experience for everyone involved. Dan's texts have been quite emotional. Loved every minute. Thank you so much for all the adults supporting the tour and your families back home who have given you passes to participate. Enjoy the rest of the summer.

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  6. janet

    Thank you to Jock and everyone for all your hard work and for coping with the Goodwin's for a week! Have a safe journey home.

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  7. Jennifer

    Thank you Jock. Safe journey home.

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  8. Alison Allsopp

    Been fantastic to follow you all on what seems to have been an amazing tour. Sure the experience will stay with you all. Thanks to you Jock for your inspiration and committment and to all the tour team for supporting our youngsters. Have a safe journey back.Sunny but not half as exciting in Hampshire!

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