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The joy of volunteering

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An annual task during the Fairthorne weekend is to sort out music that has all become muddled and jumbled.  This involves making a huge number of piles and walking around putting music on the correct piles.  Since it is hard to remember which pile is where, those involved in this joyous task walk around in circles calling out the names of pieces in the hope that someone else will remember the location of  the relevant pile. So to walk into the sorting room is rather bemusing with polyphonous cries of; "Who is he?", "Sweet dreams are made of this", "It had to be tonight", "When thunder calls", "Cabin in the corner", "The olympic spirit", "My feet can't stop me now", "Born to be wild", "Innuendo", "Cry me a river", "Varied mood", "The Incredibles"................and oh what joy to think that this task will come around again next year!




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