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HCTB update for Saturday

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A great second concert today - sunny, great audience and some excellent playing in a delightful venue.  Afterwards many HCTB members chose to sample the healing benefits of steam therapy from the spa water, or alternatively a rather good ice cream parlour.

This evening the band were treated to a guided tour of the locality by Jock.  It started in sunshine but ended 15 minutes later in torrential rain.  We all got thoroughly soaked, returned to the hotel to change (by which time it was warm and dry) and had a quiz evening instead.


Who suggested taking the band for a walk last night?

Who suggested taking the band for a walk last night

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  1. Chris Mason

    Jock demonstrates the art of camouflage by pretending to be a tree :)

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  2. Karen Ludford

    Lol... Wondering if there was a tree each along the walk to shelter under!!!

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