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Monday morning - Euro Space Centre

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Great fun - simulated lunar and anti-gravitational movement, space journeys, displays and exhibitions.  Now for the shop!  Lunch, then off to La Roche for a concert.  J

Euro Space Centre

Euro Space Centre 1

Euro Space Centre 2

Euro Space Centre 3

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  1. Nick Greene

    Looks like great concerts, great weather and great fun all round - certainly beats my Monday in the office...! I'm just a bit concerned that the standard being set in the first week of the holiday is going to be difficult for us parents to maintain for the rest of the holidays!

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  2. Jane Stuart

    This is a slightly early message for Elsie .......... Happy Birthday for tomorrow! It looks like you're all having an amazing time: we'll be thinking about you on the 24th - 12 at last!!

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