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The Watling Wonders

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Matt Watling (ex HCYB member and also one of the course section coaches) forms a band to raise money for the Southampton neonatal unit every year.  Members of this band vary according to availability but many of them are ex members and all have gone on to do music degrees and pursue a career in music.   An annual fixture in their calendar is performing at Fairthorne to launch the entertainments of Saturday night.  Members see showmanshp, performance skills and experience very classy playing from this ensemble.

These photos do not do their performance justice at all and some of the solo performances defied BlogEd's poor photography unfortunately.

PS You may recognise a few plants in the ensemble...

 SatNightWW21 SatNightWW22 
 SatNightWW23 SatNightWW25 


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