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Glacier summed up

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HCTB had a brilliant day on the glacier - be it the music, food, scenery (awesome), cable cars, toboggan etc. the weather was definitely in our favour. In the process of making the long journey back to the hotel at the mo - all the longer due to major traffic hold ups around Montreux. We're now making good progress & the hotel are on alert to provide a later than planned meal for us.

Here is what this man wrote to us:

<ban 2.30.jpg>
Bonsoir victoria,Chloé,

grand merci pour ce concert donné ce soir de grande qualité.

Notre public et moi même avons grandement apprécié.

A très bientôt.

As translated by BlogEd:
Good evening Victoria, Chloe
A big thank you for the high calibre concert given this evening.
Our public and I myself greatly appreciated it.
We hope to see you soon

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  1. Nicole

    Just wondering if Dan has any skin left on his arms and legs after the toboggan run? He was pretty much stitched together by scars, scabs and bandages before he arrived on tour!

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  2. Nicole

    Great to hear you've had such positive feedback after all your hard work! Well deserved.

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  3. James from hospital bed

    Finally managed to catch up with the blog. Sorry that you're missing a cornet player. Tour looks awesome and I look forward to catching up with you all. Thank you very much for the iPad, its all working great but as we don't have wifi in hospital I can't Skype yet - I sent this from a borrowed laptop.

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  4. Karuna and Jayanti

    Spectacular scenery and an amazing venue- will be difficult to top this one. A wonderful experience for the band. Thank you for this opportunity!

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  5. Su Child's

    Everything looks incredible. What an amazing experience for all of. What is it like playing that high up in the sky?

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  6. Liz C

    Stunning views, amazing experience. Weather doesn't seem to have dampened spirits and no signs of depression setting in; glad the sun came out today! Loving the pics and following the tour.

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  7. Alison Edwards

    My god! The pics are fantastic, to know t hat the ride was going over the top while you were playing- incredible. Thank you so much for letting us share your experience but I would definitely pass on the ride, don't like heights at all but in awe of you all!!

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  8. Jane Stuart

    Wow! Just wow! It looks like you've all had a truly memorable day in a spectacular setting. Thanks so much for the wonderful photos enabling us to share in the Band's experience. :)

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  9. Jacqui P

    What amazing photos - memories that will last a lifetime! I feel a Toblerone coming on!

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  10. Helen

    Looks like an amazing day - I want to go on that toboggan run!! Well done to all at HCYTB - great ambassadors for Hampshire :-)

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