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Beautiful Bernex!!!
After a journey across the mountains & passes we have arrived. The scenery is utterly spectacular - amazing alpine views, if only it can be seen...,, wet (very) misty and cloudy... Nothing on view.
Tonight's concert has been moved indoors to a superb and very large hall. A large crowd is gathering which is nice to see.
Here we go!


Go Wilf - go!




Go Joe!


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  1. Megan Hope

    Really enjoying the blog seeing where you are playing and what's going on! Hope you have a great day today and the sun shines.

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  2. Caron Greene

    Great to see everyone. Really appreciate this blog!

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  3. Jane Stuart

    I've seen the back of his head, Helen, so he IS there! :)

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  4. Helen Locke-Scobie

    Glad you all seem to be enjoying it despite the weather! Not sure if I have seen Andrew yet so hope he didn't get lost in transit! Hope the day is good tomorrow for the glacier!

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  5. Julian Titmuss

    The von Trapps have some serious competition! Looks like the hills are very much alive to the sound of music... Great to see the posts!

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  6. Alison Edwards

    Really enjoying the blog. It's so good to be able to follow the band, thanks for the very prompt posts. Can't wait to see what the glacier pics will be like- hopefully able to appreciate the view!

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  7. Graham Stuart

    Really appreciate the posts - With everything going on I am sure updating the blog is not the top priority. But with the updates it is (almost) like being there. Hope the rain stops in the next few days!

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