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  1. Jane Brydon


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  2. Chris Elmslie

    I hope Alex was paying attention, I'll be quizzing his particle knowledge once he is home!

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  3. Alison Edwards

    Callum - brothers well jealous especially Matthew.

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  4. Karuna Vedi

    What a lovely opportunity for the band to actually visit CERN - a well thought out tour.

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  5. Jill Larner


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  6. Jane Stuart

    What a fabulous experience. I expected to see characters from 'The Big Bang Theory' lurking in the background! Hope the weather has been better today and you're getting to see the stunning scenery.

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  7. Tanya, Samuel and Charlie

    Olivia , I hope you took notes! Charlie and Samuel are quite jealous at the thought of you spending time at such a fantastic place! Enjoy!

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  8. Sara Nicholls

    Wow, looks amazing! Also looks as if the rain has stopped!

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  9. Jacqui P

    Wow! Now that's what I call sightseeing! Any budding particle physicists among you?

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