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Home safe

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They may be back but the Blog can live on ...

Feel free to carry on posting comments.  I'll try and put up some more photos during the course of the week (now that I have fewer teenagers to share wifi I might have sufficient bandwidth to post up at a speed exceed 1 photo per 15 minutes).

And when you tire of this Blog, you can browse the County Band Reims Weekend Blog or follow the Training Band as they tour in France and Switzerland.


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  1. Jo Beer

    Thanks so much to everyone. Isaac must have had a great time 'cause he's slept for 13 hours! Time to start extracting details beyond the highlight of Wilf throwing up over the table in Subway! Hope he's feeling better. The concert at Roermond looks lovely. Good luck Training Band on your tour.

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  2. Jo Gill

    A huge thankyou to everyone involved on the Junior Band tour. This was Hannah's first tour and she had an absolutely brilliant time. She loved everything and didn't stop talking about it all until she fell asleep. Special thanks also to the BlogEd for all the fantastic photos each day, it was great to see what they had been up to every evening. It's going to be a long 2 years waiting for the next one!!

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