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Category: HCYB Tour Blog Croatia 2017

  1. End of Tour Concert and Group Photos

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    That was so good!
    Yes, it's been great to perform before huge crowds on this tour. However, to play in a beautiful lakeside village up in the mountains, where seemingly the whole village turned out was so special. A great reception from the locals and their band will leave very special memories - we MUST return!

    Of course, tonight is also tinged with real sadness; the very last performance in HCYB for our leavers. You are all very special people. I have either taught and / or conducted you for many years now - I will miss you all so much! All the very best as you embark on the next phase of your journey - university / conservatoire / employment / gap year etc.

    To those HCYB members returning in September - we rebuild & go forward again! Enjoy the rest of your summer and please be prepared to fill some very big shoes.

    This has been such a special tour, thank you to you all.
    Jock (& Dad to two of the band).


    End of Tour Solo Cornets + Sop


    End of Tour Reps, 2nds + 3rds


    End of Tour Horns


    End of Tour Euphs + Bars


    End of Tour Bones


    End of Tour Percussion


    End of Tour Flugels


    End of Tour Tubas


  2. Mr Jock Award Ceremony

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    We have just had the Mr Jock award ceremony

    This year's award winners

    Jon (Gr): services to Polish/ UK relations

    Serena: elegance and poise

    Ed D and Gary: most coordinated dressers

    Dom and Sam (Sm): the lobster

    Sally: strongest person

    Dan C: most under used muscles

    Alex E: Vidal Sassoon apprentice

    Adam: fastest swimmer

    Kathryn: most eaten by local large insects

    Niamh, Grace and Kumuthu: the early risers

    David: linguist

    Rachel and Olivia: sleepiest room

    Jo, Dan H and George: smelliest room

    Stephen, Callum and Jon M: utterly positive and complimentary

    Izzy and Niamh: the band boppers award