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Category: Junior Band Tour Blog 2014

  1. Some answers and some questions continued.io.

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    No Lynne, not Jemma or Ben.

    Suzanne, Alison P has made one of the comments but it was not Ethan!

    Debbie, it was not Amy.

    Claire, it was not Thomas.

    Cara, it was not Alex.

    Jo, it was not Hannah.

    Lynne, not George (still your little treasure!), not Jemma either....but that was warmer!

    New questions: 

    Who said "I've got a wobbly leg."?

    Who got "pegged" by Matt while we were packing up the equipment after the performance?


    Some answers:

    Gwen - you know your daughter VERY well.  Yes to Alison, no to Alex.  First CORRECT answer!

    Helen - as far as I know.....

    Scott - adult yes, but Jemma it was not.

    Linda - not Tom either...

  2. Some answers and some questions

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    Back from a hot and sticky day in Maastricht where the children played to the passing public in the main square outside the town hall. They also had time to browse the shops...expect a few pairs of clogs to come home in the luggage!  The children are now all having down time which for some involves painting their nails or taking a nap, reading or playing in the tree house, for some it means playing cards or chess, for others playing the piano (clearly not had enough of music then!)

    Now, before spending a few hours uploading photos, here are a few answers and then some new questions.


    Nicky - YES, it was a female.

    Jon - No, it was not Matt.

    Suzanne - It was NOT an adult.

    New Questions:

    1) Who made the following comments today?

    "I'm about to get a moustache!"

    "Everything goes straight through me"

    2) Who dropped a day's money envelope over the side of the boat?

    There will be photos aplenty posted up later this evening.

    Thanks for the comments....keep them coming!

    Lucy....you'll have to keep thinking!  It was NO to both of those...

    Sara - No, not Lauren...she won't be bringing you home some lovely yellow clogs then...

  3. Feedback is welcomed

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    Thanks for the posts this evening.  Keep them coming please but be aware that you may not see them appear until the evening!  Realistically, on this Tour, most posts will be made late in the evening after the children have gone to bed, as we are all busy doing band stuff and photos take a while to process, upload etc.  Sorry if your eyelids are drooping in consequence!  If there is something you'd like to see on the Blog, then please let us know - it all makes for a more interesting Blog.  Over the week, we shall try to make sure you see a photo of your child but conditions are not always ideal, so please be patient.  Today has been a tremendous start and the children have shown remarkable resilience after a long journey, demonstrated enthusiasm and pitched in to help with set up etc.  They have been very relaxed and a joy to be around.  You should all be VERY proud of them.  They also had a very enthusiastic response to their performance this evening.

  4. Safe arrival in Valkenburg

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    Junior Band have all arrived safely at the hotel in Valkenburg and are currently rehearsing.

    No one was sick.

    They were angelic throughout the journey.

    We made such good time that we caught an earlier ferry than planned.

    Everyone has eaten a good evening meal.

    It is very hot and humid here.

    They are now rehearsing in the gardens with a very happy audience of residents.

    All medications for those that needed them have been administered.

    A good sleep is inevitable!

    The Wi-Fi is a bit slow so it will take a while to upload photos, but please keep watching as they will go up this evening!

    In the meantime can you guess who said the following:

    "I have a very small bladder" (fortunately at one of our stops!). 

  5. Junior Band Tour Blog coming soon...

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    The Junior Band Tour Blog goes live as soon as they set off.  However, please be aware that this time the Blog Editor is on tour so Blog posts can only go up on the Blog when there is WiFi access and when time/supervisory responsibilities allow.  If you set up the RSS feed you should receive notifications when a new Blog post goes up.  Keep watching and do post comments too, but remember that your comments will only go live when the BlogEd has had a chance to authorise them.