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Category: HCYB - Reims Weekend Tour 2014

  1. So .... answers to those questions

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    Best moments
    Playing in the Cathedral 
    Echo in the Cathedral 
    Children dancing to the music
    Saturday night in town (band members)
    Kids returning safe from night in town (Jock)
    Champagne reception with local champagne after concert
    Jade's test tubes (sorry no idea)

    Worst moments
    Late departure due to miss reading of emails (Blame Blog Ed.......)
    Jake B's natural at the beginning of La Califfa
    Dan Long's lack of clothes when answering the door to Matt Watling
    Having to watch the film 'The Bridesmaids' (Gary)
    Gary's trousers when he bent over
    Ali Goodwin forgetting his black shoes
    Being stopped by the police

    Best music
    Princethorpe Variations