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Category: Fairthorne Weekend 2013

  1. A blatant plug!

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    There is plenty of content on the Blog if you are prepared to scroll through the pages via the tab at the bottom of each page.  The latest posts come first, the earliest last.  There is a comments option tab also at the bottom of each page and we'd love you to enrich the Blog with your humour/wit (as long as it is clean!).  We'd like to encourage all members to use the website more, so please share the Blog website link with other band/music friends.  Enjoy your journey through the weekend...

  2. Saturday night: The Story of the Fairy (thorne) Tale Band

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    Director, Jock McKenzie had told his Granny that some of the band members were not settling at night so Granny McKenzie decided a fairy tale would calm them down.

    Granny McKenzie tells them the story of the "Fairy Tale Band".

    Here it is:

    Baby Mark Streathbear is on Percussion  Baby Bear 
    Mummy Heathbear and Daddy Hairy Watling are parent helpers.

     Mummy Bear and Daddy Bear

     Bear Dance

    Little Red Brydon Hood and her best friend Jo White play cornet  Little Red Riding HoodSnow White
    The seven dwarves are also in the band Seven Dwarfs
    Goldijock wants to be principal cornet and falls out (again) with her biggest rival, Cranstonella who wants Principal Charming to be principal.

    GoldilocksCinderella Prince Charming

     The Big Fight


    The two Ugly Sisters support her.  Ugly Sisters
    Stannochio plays Euph. Pinnochio
    The Big Bad Wilf scares everyone with his cymbal crashes.  Big Bad Wolf
    The new conductor Rapunzel brings them to order and they play beeeautifully.


    Improved Performance 2 

    Inproved Performance


  3. The talent show

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    This years talents on show were: guitar and singing, Irish dancing, drumming by a brass player, more singing, comedy and yes, finally some real slapstick comedy!

     Joe Guitar Back this year with a different strumming instrument... Joe the Strummer
     Irish Dancing Second year running, for her admiring audience, Irish Dancer had us all clapping along. 
     Drummer Boy The multi-talented Matt shows us his inner Drummer Boy
     Pop Idol And warming up for Pop Idol....a big voice for one so small!
    Beat Box Beat Box
    Comedy Duo Comedy duo
     Lily and Lesley 1 Lily makes herself beautiful in preparation for Jim's phone call. 
    Lily and Lesley 2 Somehow she cannot control herself and opts for an extra supper of cream pie.
  4. The annual ritual humiliation of the staff

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    First, the competition where members of staff (Jane, Jon and Jock) were asked to fill their mouths with marshmallows and speak.  The winner was the last one who had maximum marshmallows and could still speak.  It was a tight contest with Jock and Jon tying at 11 marshmallows each, but Jock unable to speak finally!  So Jon was victorious.  He could not bring himself to eat the marshmallows.

    Marshmallow 11 and Speaking Champion

    But this was just not enough humiliation for the band members.  Next they wrapped up staff members in tissue paper for a "Best Mummy" contest.  The winner this time was ....(cue drum roll).... Mark the percussion tutor!

    Mummy 0

    Mummy 1

    Mummy 2

    Mummy 3

    Mummy 4

    Mummy 5

    Mummy 6

  5. The Watling Wonders

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    Fairthorne Entertainment Evening blasted off like a rocket with the Watling Wonders performing a dazzling selection of music which wowed us all.  The group, spurred on by the Watling brothers, is largely made up of ex-members and fellow-students from music college come together in a variety of formations, often to fundraise for the neo natal unit at Southampton hospital.  They gave current band members a taste of what could be theirs with hard musician ship and show flair!

    Watling Wonders Standing Ensemble  Standing up to lanch the set.
     Watling Wonders Group Shot 2 You may recognise a few faces in this ensemble...here Matt Watling solos. 
     Watling Wonders Solo Wonder 1 Matt showed us all the versatility of his instrument's expressions with some interpretations of racing cars amongst other things.  (Apparently this is known as multi-phonics)
     Watling Wonders Solo Wonder 2 Ben Watling solos.
     Watling Wonders Posed Group 2 The ensemble.